What Could You do with 80x More Market Data?

What is POURED?

POUREDinc is an enterprise data analytics solution for wine & spirits distributors. It was designed to greatly decrease the amount of time it takes for salespeople to complete on-prem surveys in bars and restaurants while also drastically increasing the accuracy of data collected.

The POURED mobile app for iOS and Android leverages a unique and revolutionary technology which automatically translates photographic images into aggregated, searchable data that is ready for analysis in real time.

How it Works:

POUREDapp is incredibly easy to use:
  • Select the location of the establishment you’re in
  • Use the app to snap a photo of a menu page or wine list
  • Select “By the Glass”, “By the Bottle”, or “Both”.
  • Inventory results will populate in the app within minutes

Use Case Examples

Photos taken within the POUREDapp are automatically digitized and uploaded into our administrative platform, then correlated with our master data table for instant analysis.  Quite simply, POUREDinc delivers the best overall survey tool for wine & spirits on the market today.
  • Currently, distribution management and their salespeople can search by brand, like Alpha Omega.  You can also cross-check to see if, say, Kendall Jackson is on  by the glass.
  • If you are supplier from out of town, you can use the POURED mapping feature to see exactly where your brand placements are (or are not).
  • If you are trying to decide what days to visit certain accounts, you can see which accounts allow vendors on those days.  You can also map out those results by day.
  • Or, if you want to target accounts where your wines are located but not listed by- the-glass, our platform can show you that as well.
  • Combine our data with Google data and now you can answer questions like how many $$$$ open for brunch French restaurants have or do not have my cognac on a drink menu.

Field Test: October 17th, 2019 in Beverly Hills, CA

A huge thank you to all of the 16 establishments in Beverly Hills who spoke with us during the field testing of our early minimum viable product software on iOS and Android.

In just under 3 hours, a total of 99 different menu pages were successfully collected including pricing.   All total those 99 pages yielded just over 5500 data points.  A huge achievement!  But a Field test with the version 1 brought back over a whopping 14,000 data point in under 5 hours by one collector.  Our new V2 ready Q1 2021 is going to testing now with new machine language for even faster data collection.

Alpha Omega Use Case from Field Testing

The primary goal of our Beverly Hills field test was to demonstrate the real-world solutions that POUREDinc provides to wine & spirits distributors who see the same problems regarding day-to-day operations and on-prem surveys.

For example, during our team dinners after field testing, we enjoyed 3 bottles of Alpha Omega Cabernet.  A simple search within POUREDapp for “Omega” brought up only one result from our field test, but as you can see in Figure 1, other members of our team had collected 2 other menus previously, which included Alpha Omega.  As you can see on the map, all three of those locations are very far apart.

During our Beverly Hills field test, only the the Montage Hotel restaurant had Alpha Omega listed. Figure 2 shows what the user screen looks like. The header gives the time, place, user who photographed the menu, and what type of phone was used.

Below the header screen is the actual photograph of the Montage menu page where Alpha Omega appears (left), with the digitized data next to it (right).  As you can see, the Montage sells the 2013 Alpha Omega at a very reasonable $219. For the other 2 locations, The Ranch has the 2011 Alpha Omega Era for $350, and Lido Bottle Works has the 2016 Alpha Omega II by the glass for $19 and by the bottle for $72.

This is the kind of insight our team came up with on a relative one-off. The far-reaching benefits for someone like a distribution manager seeking more specific, granular insights is even more exciting.

On-Prem Surveys

The Current Way

Let’s use our Alpha Omega example again: If a distribution manager wanted to gain insights on how their Alpha Omega offerings are being utilized at the 3 locations our team found, they would schedule a salesperson to go to each establishment to mark down and correlate their findings.

From this, certain assumptions can be made about Alpha Omega usage and pricing across all 3 establishments, but that doesn’t mean these assumptions are an accurate reflection of true depletion data.

Furthermore, once the salesperson has completed their rounds and assumptions have been made, it’s likely that the Alpha Omega at these 3 locations won’t be re-surveyed again for months, or possibly never again. So what happens when management wants to know about another three products the following week? The torturous and time-consuming cycle starts all over again.

With POUREDinc, a distribution or supplier sales manager can track their salespeople in the field, see how long they take at each location, and view updated results remotely in real time. They can also log the date and time that a salesperson visits a location in order to schedule a follow-up visit after a set period of time. Not only that, these managers can search hundreds of different brands, locations, price points and more without ever leaving their desks.

If you are interested in putting this kind of unparalleled SaaS technology to work for your business, please fill out the form below and we will send you weekly updates of more real-world results through field testing, beta and our official product launch.

Below are examples of what users see out in the field on their mobile devices.