100% Wine List Visibility.
Unlimited Business Potential.

Over $400 million is spent every year by wine & spirits distributors across the U.S. on data collection – the majority of which is still done manually by salespeople – consuming time and money in vast quantities, at lightning-fast rates.

Welcome to a better way.

POURED is a mobile app that allows field sales reps to take pictures of wine lists, which are automatically converted into useable, searchable data in real-time.

It’s quick, easy and can increase the amount of data collected by 80% while reducing data collection time by up to 80% as well.

Get full visibility into how your products are being priced, where they’re being sold by the glass, when your placements come off a list, and who your real competition is.

The value of such a tracking technology is immense and also non-existent… until now.

Welcome to POURED. Let’s share a glass together.

POURED Inc. is currently looking for seed investors and distributor partners. Find out how your business can be part of the POURED Advantage.