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A Series from local REALTOR®, Steve Foley, on his unexpected career change and the benefits of owning his own business

Once you’ve made the decision to begin a new career, you need to learn the keys to maximizing your success and being able to maintain it. Since joining Coldwell Banker Premier Realty (CBPR), their support has made putting success into my own hands that much easier. Try these five easy tips to lay the foundation for a rewarding career and set yourself apart from the competition. 

  1. Create a plan for success

If you want to start your career on the best foot possible, you should create a business plan. In your business plan, you want to outline your goals, construct a value proposition, identify how you will discover new clients, and allocate time for skill development. Business planning is so vital in my industry that CBPR provides opportunities for agents to attend workshops, consult with their branch and sales managers for guidance and pair up amongst themselves to provide accountability. I recommend connecting with like-minded people in your industry and start a small mastermind group. 

  1. Practice makes perfect

Starting out in a new field might be daunting. Where do you begin? What do you say to captivate new customers? The solution is role-playing. Roleplaying daily allows you to learn scripts on what to say in various scenarios and helps you gain confidence. Conduct script practice each week, either in the mirror or with a partner, to help you nail every appointment.

  1. Get your systems in place

Creating a customer relationship management (CRM) program is critical for setting the groundwork for your company. Build your database or sphere of influence so you have a solid place to start when it’s time to make calls, prospect, and network. Use a CRM tool to manage this database of contacts so you can add your clientele to weekly and monthly email campaigns, keeping you at the forefront of their minds. 

  1. Know your market

One way to demonstrate your value is to become an expert in what is happening in your industry’s marketplace and how it affects your clients. I share CBPR’s monthly market update video as an added resources for my network not only to keep them informed but to position myself as a thought leader. 

  1. Build your social media presence

The way we do business is always evolving and having an internet presence is essential. One of the most effective methods to acquire and retain customers is through content marketing. Not only can you share product and market information, but you can share your personal knowledge and experiences to facilitate your client’s decision-making process. 

Like all jobs, hard work and patience are required as you work through the intricacies of managing your own business. If you use these steps, your path to long-term happiness and career success will be imminent. 

This article was contributed by Steve Foley of Coldwell Banker Premier Realty Lic. S.0192048 as part of a series of articles on changing careers. Equal Housing Opportunity. 

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